We offer a wide range of mould making and injection services for our customers' products.  We have abundant experience in plastic mould designing, creating , and in the injection process. WDC always services its customers' products with high quality, low cost , and shortest time possible to meet their needs .  We strive  to build  quality  relationships  and  cooperation with our customers . We  at WDC will  to  be  there  with  you  as  your manufacturing needs expand.

We use the most advanced design software at WDC, such as: Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, Solidwork, Moldflow, AutoCAD, and so on. We accept all types of drawings in Dxf , Dwg , Prt , X_t , Iges, Step formats or samples for us to design for your product. We take into consideration the product parting line, gate, ejector position, cooling layout, distance of slide and moving direction etc, and give the best solution for the satisfaction of our customers.

Many steel mould brands can be used in our products, such as S136, S136H, 718, 718H, 738 from ASSAB, NAK series from DAIDO and P20, 420, etc.. Most moldbase and standard components come from LKM or Ming Lee. We also can apply the DME, HASCO standard on the tooling components according to our customers' requirements.

After receiving the comfirmation from our customer, we will pack the mould with a standard package ready for shipping we pack to avoid any damage during our delivery by sea or by air. The mould assembly and components' drawings will be delivered together with the mold. The latest trial molding samples, trial report certification of material, certification of quenching and some spare parts will all be shipped with the mould. If customers have special requirements we also can provide the electrodes of the mould.

WDC also provides a full range of after-sale services to the customer's production. For example we can help diagnose production difficulties or provide spare parts for replacement, we will also assign an engineer to help our customers better revolve issues.